Saturday, May 15, 2010

Happy May 15th!!!!

Middle of May? What? Already? Time really does fly!!!  Wonder where it goes?!!!  When I was a child, summer seemed to last forever and back then winters seemed more fun!!! Over time the summers got shorter and winter became a time of gloom and doom..  not a fan of the long grey dreary months!!!  So I always try to enjoy the brighter months... we have had so much rain here that I thought I might never see the sun again... but here it is finally!!!! Yaa!!!! Yaa!!! Yaa!!! Above is a sneek peek at a dolly on its way out to a friend... it is a Dancing Moon original and come back soon when I can show a complete pic!!!!! Hope everyone is having some fun, some sun, and some good times!!!!!! Lots of hugs to all of you!!!!! 


Kim said...

Just popping in to say hi : ) It is soooo good to see you blogging again. Cute sneak peek and your little boy dolly is adorable. Cute hat! I think I won't feel like summer has started until the kids are out of school and it warms up a little, though NOT complaining here! It is breezy, and still a bit chilly. Sunny though, yeah! Hugs, Kim

Kai said...

You lil' stinker! I kept adjusting my glasses but STILL couldn't see anything 'cept colors. Bad girl! Guess I'll have to be patient. I know it COULDN'T be any more adorable than your lil' boy doll! As for weather, I already ACHE to have Winter back. For me, the colder the better! Sigh!