Thursday, June 17, 2010

Pink!!! Pink!!! Purple and lavender!!!!

My daughter had her five month ultrasound on Tuesday and they said She is a girl!!!!!  This is great as I have a grandson!!!! Now he will have a little sister!!!!  The little girl is due October 30 which his her momma's birthday!!! Almost a pumpkin!!!! But she will be delivered a couple of week early by c section... as last round they had to do an emergency c section when she had Jager... I am so excited!!!! Jager has been one of my greatest blessings!!!!  Now I am getting another wonderful blessing!!!!  I am ready for some girlie stuff!!!! hugs

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Sew Many Raggedies said...

How sweet!! My daughter is expecting her first baby Oct. 24th and it's a Boy!! We are so excited! Love your blog ~ just became a follower. Would love for you to become a follower of mine and sign up for my giveaway!
Thanks so much and many Blessings to you.