Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sorry I have been MIA for waaay too long!!!!! I have been dealing with health issues...Not fun....I have also been getting to hold this little darling and keeping up with Jager!!!! Fun!!!!!  The worst part of being ill is that I can't have as much time with them as I would like!!!!!  I am still trying out meds trying to find one that will work without so much fuzziness of the mind.....I have missed everyone and haven't been around checking out your alls goodies lately...Hoping to do that soon!!!! Hope everyone is having some fun and getting ready to have more fun for the hollidays that are knocking on the door RIGHT NOW!!!!!   This year has come and just about gone and I really feel like it just started last week....where did it go!!!!  Well I did have lots of fun this past year so...not bad!!!!! Hugs to all!!!!!

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