Saturday, January 15, 2011

Hee Hee!!!!!

Well I wanted my header in the middle and maybe a little larger but this is a little much!!!!  I will get it worked out!!!! But maybe just for a short will be LARGE!!!!!  I have been away...had another move...unexpected...and right before Christmas....well I made it through the holidays!!!  It was a rough year....three moves...lots of illnesses and problems....but I made it!!!!  Family is doing good!!!!  Granbabies helped me through this last year and they are wonderful!!!! Of course!!!!  My fun...crafting...artistic adventures have been neglected...but maybe now things will get going in the right directions!!!!  I hope everyone is doing well and thank you all for following me and leading me along the way!!! hugs


Heth said...

Hi Carla
Oh! they are precious little darlings. It's good to see you posting again, I hope 2011 is a much better year for you and family. Take care, hugs Heather

Cheryl said...

Hey Carla welcome back I have a surprise for you on my blog!!

Peace and Blessings
Cheryl....Snatch JOY~!

Aimee Jeffries said...

Ugh I hate moving, good thing you had these little cuties to keep you going :)

JKW said...

I hope you are all moved in and partly settled anyway. Thanks for visiting. Your grands are adorable. I did miss you, you always comment. . . Blessings, Janet