Thursday, August 16, 2012

What if I said Quilt!!!!!!

 Hi!!! Hope everyone is doing well and thanks to all of you who have let me know you are still with me!!!!!  Yaa!!!!  I am going to try to do some Quilting!!!!  Yep!!!  Pretty much brand new at it but I have been having fun!!!!  I can already see I need lots of help!!!!  I will be sharing my adventures in quilting with youall!!!! Oh and more pics of these cute little piggies too!!! Leave me a comment so I will know you are up too now!!!!  Hugs carla


Heth said...

Hi Carla
Quilting ... its great fun. Watching to see what you do.
Fun little pinkies!!

Sharon said...

Cute little piggies. Welcome to quilting. Warning, buying, fondling and creating with beautiful fabric is addictive !

Lisa said...

Very addictive! Love piggies, they always do well with quilting! Welcome!

Carol S. said...

Cute little piggies! I look forward to seeing your quilty projects. :O)