Saturday, January 26, 2013

Come along and DANCE with me!!!!!

There is some thing new and fun!!! Just link up and share!!!! You can blog about your art!!  You cooking!!    Your Kids or GRANDS!!!  This will take you to Thearica's Blog Pigtales and Quilts!!! She makes wonderful quilts and beautiful crazy quilts!!!  She set this up so everyone can get in and share their fun with others!!! I look forward to seeing you over there too!!!! Come along and dance over here!!!  I will be posting about that pic above a little later in the weekend!!!!  Can you believe I made that?!!! Hee hee!!!   Hugs to all!!!



Cindi Myers said...

I'll stop over and check it out...I'm so busy this weekend, I doubt that I will have time to post anything on my blog to link up.
But have fun!

Patty said...

That is a pretty piece! Good job!

DeAnna said...

Looking forward to reading your post later today!

Wilma said...

Thanks for your comment Carla, looking forward to pictures of what you are making!