Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Stitch Me Up Tomorrow!!!!!

Hi!!!! I probably could use a stitch or two here or there...or maybe just a couple of tucks!!!!! Hee hee!!!! Couldn 't help myself there!!!!  If not for my silly humor my life would be too dull and we can't have that!!!!!  You know my word of the year was DANCE as  in I hope you DANCE!!!!  Live life to it fullest!!!!  Well I have been trying and trying to dance but  so far I can only do the MOONWALK which as you know is only backwards!!!!  Now I am  still determined to get that straightened out...but really it is just life and a lot of what is going on is just not avoidable....so I will just keep on keeping on and Dancing will happen!!!!  How is your word of the year going?!!!! I hope very well!!!!  Hugs to all!!!

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