Monday, April 22, 2013

Like Alfred Hitchcock's THE BIRDS!!!

This is where I live!!!! Birds!!! Birds!!! Bird!!!
The birds were here last year!!!! I drove through the flock several times and each time it was a little scary!!!  I took a couple photos but they did not turn out good....I always slowed down to a crawl but was glad the windows were up!!!!  Anyway!!!! I got into the hop at Sew We Quilts' It's for the Birds!!!!  I always look forward to the hops at Sew We Quilt  and getting in on them is a good way to stay busy and have fun!!!!  My day to share is on May 7th!!!!  Also on May 7th I will find out if my third grand will be a boy or a girl!!!!  Big Day!!!!
But there is another fun hop this week at Sew We Quilt!!!!
Be sure to follow along!!!!
Oh!!!! I turn 49 on Saturday the 27th!!!!  Well it's not 50 yet!!!!
But I know!!!! Just around the corner!!!!  My body sometimes feels 75 but my brain only feels somewhere between 4 and 24!!!!  Wouldn't that be nice!!!! hugs to all



Unknown said...

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Marisa said...

pre happy birthday, turning 49 isnt so bad wait till you turn 56, I used have a nice chest now if I put something up there it falls down into my drawers..oh well