Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween All My WICKED Friends!!!!

Hello!!!! Happy Halloween!!!!  I am under the weather...for some time now....I have missed out on a lot of fun!!!!! To all my WICKED friends who left me such sweet comments I am so sorry to have missed you and I will be making my rounds...I am still not back to normal but doing some better.... they delayed halloween here in my town  we are expecting bad weather and the wind is wild right I am hoping this will get through tonight!!!!  Just blew the door open...spooky!!!!  It wasn't locked but that was a big wind...tornado watches too!!!!! It is Halloween!!!! Trick or treating has been rescheduled for tomorrow evening.and I am hoping to be able to go with the grand babies at least for a little while...that is so fun for me and I don't want to miss out on it!!!!!  Good thing I made Little Miss Wendy or there wouldn't have been any decorations....That is terrible!!!! I will get a few pics of the Grands dressed up and ready to go!!!!!  I can't wait to get around to see what you all did and I apologize for missing in action....hugs to all

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Carol S. said...

I feel like I've been so out of the loop with all the moving I've been doing. Looks like you haven't been feeling well...hope you get better soon! We had great weather on Halloween, but did not get even one trick-or-treater. It was weird! Must be that this new neighborhood has too many old me! LOL