Wednesday, February 25, 2015

My first Waldorf doll!!!!

Hi!!!! Hope everyone is doing well!!!!! Not too cold or too hot!!!!!  Would be nice if we could pick the temp we wanted and Oh Sunshine would be nice!!!!!  We actually have had a little sunshine here and there!!!!! But I'd take more!!!!!  Remember my last post about the free Waldorf Doll Tutorial?!!!!  Well, I did get one made and I did fairly well with it!!!!  It had very easy directions and a youtube video!!!!!  So I really had fun with it!!!! I didn't have the exact materials and such but improv works with dolls too!!!!!   Ha!!!!  Let me give you the link up again!!!!   Inge at Free Waldorf Doll Pattern and Tutorial!!!!!  Hope you have some fun and a wonderful week!!!!!!


Peter Veen said...

Great doll!!! Greetings from a not too cold and a bit sunny Netherlands!

Carol S. said...

Such a sweet cute!