Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December 1st 2009!!!!!

For the first day of December it was a very nice day here where I am in Ky!!!!  I did finish up a little something something but will have to wait to show a few more days!!!!  I guess every since I was a child I make it a point to look at the moon as many nights as I possibly can!!!!!  Tonight I looked and it seemed full, but the calendar says not full until tomorrow and guess what we also have a full moon for New Years Eve, which means it will be considered a blue moon!!!! Wow!!!! And on New Years Eve!!!!  Hope it brings good things to all!!!!!  I really have to get busy working on some new things and seeing what is up with Christmas!!!!!!  hugs to all


Unknown said...

Hey, hey, hey! You have 2 awards waiting for you at my blog Miss Carla!!

xoxo Jess

carla said...

oh wow!!!!!