Friday, February 19, 2010

I am back!!!!! Wow!!!!

I am BACK!!!!! Just got here on line again!!!!! Wow!!!!! I am in withdraws from the internet and I can not wait to see all the dollies I have been missing!!!!! It will take wild horses to drag me away NOW!!!!!!! I am hoping everyone and everything has been ok while I have been gone!!!!!!!  I am still in the process of moving but finally was able to get the wiring in here!!!!!!  I know I have been missing so much!!!!!!  Will take me awhile to catch up!!!!!   yaaa hoo!!!!!!!  hugs carla


Kim said...

Welcome back, you have been missed! Hugs, Kim

Ale jc said...

ahh you are back...we missed you Carla...but now many of us are leaving or not bloggging for 5 days to get caught will need all that time to catch up with us lol...
blessings ms

Ree said...

Welcome back Carla! You have been missed my friend! I am so happy to see you back and online again! I got so tickled when I saw you posting from the Library. Have been there and done that myself in the past LOL.

As Samm said, many of us will not be around for 5 solid days, with NO peeking, starting this Monday, but that will give you the time you need to post and catch up.

Of course I was offline much of the same time you were so not a lot of new on my blog I am afraid but, that will change after the 5 days of no peeking hehehe.

Xoxoxxx Ree