Sunday, February 21, 2010

Last post till Saturday Morning!!!!!!!

Ok well!!!!!! You all know I love dolls!!!!! I also love just about all arts and crafts too!!!!!  I love colors and shape and textures!!!!!!  I love it all!!!!  So I played around with a pic of a few dolls that have been waiting around for a couple of weeks.... lets see I was working on five different dolls!!!! Had them sewed up and waiting to see what they where going to wear and what their faces would look like and what color their hair would be and until they let me know there they sit!!!!!  One is a Sweet Meadows Farm pattern and should wind up being a rag doll boy, one is a pattern by Jess of Little Dirt Lane!!!  And the last one is an original by Dancing Moon!!!!  She is almost done now she has her face and clothing but just needs a little somthing on her little head!!!! She just has not decided what quite yet, she is contrary!!!!! She is for a one to one swap so she is in disquise!!!!!  Hee hee  This will be my last post until Saturday Morning really early!!!!!! I am particapating in Madame Samms No Peeking Challenge!!!!!  Check my side bar for info into the fun and a give a way  OOAK Doll!!!! Hugs Carla
Dancing Moon is my Cherokee given name!!!!!  My grandmother was Cherokee and my grandfather was Irish/Cherokee!!!!!  They say that makes a wild fire!!!!  hee hee!!  I guess it does!!!! I belong to the Shawnee Piqua Sept at this time because they accept certain tribes as their own and they are federally recognized!!!!  The Cherokee are working to try to have a federally recognized tribe also!!!!!  I belong to a local chapter called Acorn and I am considered to be in the panther clan....  anyway a little about me and my blog name!!!! 


Ree said...

Oh darlin Carla we can so do this!!! One whole week! I cannot wait to see what we all make!!!

Xoxoxxx Ree

carla said...

Yaa Ree!!!!! Yes we sure can!!!! Hey we have had some practice!!!!! hugs carla

Ale jc said...

OHHH sweet Carla,,,, we made what did you create? lol...looking forward to seeing something lol..
blessings ms

Kim said...

Hi Carla, I am back too : ) I have been without power for a few days and still don't have it but am on a generator and got cable/internet today : )

I missed you! I do have a dolly almost done but have to find time to paint her face.

Heyyyyy, I am Black Foot and my indian given name is Thinking Bear : )

Looking forward to seeing your dollies finished up.


Ale jc said...

oh where oh where is our sweet are missed...blessings ms

Unknown said...

Hi Carla!!! I have been MIA too! Look at you! I can't wait to see how everything turned out!!!