Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Ok!!!!  I am ready to DANCE ON THE MOON!!!!  Take my chances and get on with it!!!  Years ago me and my hubby started to make and sell our crafts ???  And it went fairly well and mostly we had lots of fun!!!!  Well I am ready to start again and I think hubby will back me up!!! He knows I am crazy and loves me anyway!!!  Our business name back then was ENCHANTINGS because we didn't make just one thing or one style of things!!!!  Give me just a short time and I will introduce you to  ENCHANTINGS of DANCING MOON and ONE FEATHER


Aimee Jeffries said...

Wooohooo go for it Carla!!!!

Ree said...

Oh how exciting Carla! You gor for it girl! Ahhh yes when in the land of dolls and crafts we are always girls hehehee

Xoxoxxx Ree