Thursday, July 22, 2010

The voting is OVER!!!!!! Yaa!!!

 Hi!!!! This was my entry in the Challenge!!!! Her name is GLORY!!!!!  I had a lot of fun in this challenge!!!!  You can see all the entries at cloth doll artistry!!!! They were all made using the same pattern but WOW they are all so different and unique!!!!  Hope everyone is doing well today or even better if you can be doing GREAT but it is a little hot here to hope for that!!!!! hugs


Nita Butler said...

Hi Carla,

Thanks for the nice comments on my doll for the challenge. I like your doll as well.

carla said...

Thanks Nita!!!! I am ready to work on some more!!! hugs

Unknown said...

Carla, she is REALLY cute! I love those hands - you really captured the patriotic spirit!!! Fabulous Dahling!


Unknown said...

Hi Carla

Thank you for your kind comments on my blogs I really appreciate them I thought all the dolls were wonderful in the challenge and it was such a great experience no pressure and everyone on CDA has been so supportive of each other it's a wonderful forum you met the nicest people!! It's lovely to count you as a friend xox Raewyn

JKW said...

That was a great contest. I had to bow out as I had too many things going. I also have signed up for the Literary Villain and forgot I had. So I will have to get busy on that one. I love your work. What fun! Come over and do villains too, could be person, animal or alien ;) Blessings, Janet

Lallee said...

Carla, thank you for your recent comment!
You make some adorable dolls.