Monday, September 3, 2012

Does this quilt make me look SLEEPY?!!!!!

Hi Everyone!!!! I hope everyone is having a good holiday weekend!!!!  If you have been following me you have seen I am adding quilting to the things I love to do!!!!  I will always love dolls and guess what?!  dolls can always use a quilt!!!!   I love all my blogging friends and hope you will join me in my new adventures!!!!!  My adventure in quilting began back in spring when Madame Samm had her Spring Table Topper Blog Hop!!!!  I so enjoyed it and looked forward to getting to see what the next day would bring!!!! Well!!! Towards the end of the hop I could not stand it and I went and got me some fabric!!!!!!!  Decided to just jump in and I just got pre cut squares and got started!!!  I just wanted to get started and I wasn't trying for perfection!!!  You will see!!! Emma above is showing you that she likes it anyway!!!!  The top is done and has been done for awhile  and I will be doing the back soon!!!! I plan to piece it too!!!!  I will be using left over fabric from the top and maybe adding some more fun to it also!!!  Below is some WOW fabric I found at Joann's recently!!!! Wonder what I will do with them?!!!!  Hugs


Cindi Myers said...

Good Luck with your quilting!
Sewing drives me crazy. I have no patience for it and the machine always jams. Also I don't understand patterns. Whenever I have sewn, it's just me randomly cutting fabric and sewing it together! LOL!
Have fun!
:) - Cindi

Carli The Quilter said...

Quilting and sewing have been my survival methods for decades. I don't think too many moons have gone by without stitching something.
Thanks for dropping by my sashiko sockeye bowls!