Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New Adventures!!!! Yaa!!!!!!

Hi!!!! It is me again!!!!  Ok after my grandaughters quilt top was done I set it back so I could think about what I should do on the back as I want to piece it also!!!!  I have fabric left from the front but want to be more creative with the back which may wind up being the front most of the time!!!! Then I started on the beginners quilt along but not until week 10!!!!  Just like me to jump in late but I did do three blocks that week!!!! Well that is all I have done so far!!!! Some one ran out and bought five inch precut squares without reading directions and then didn't have the fabric to do the blocks right!!!  So I will regroup and start back on that one again later!!!!  Lesson one learned...READ ALL THE DIRECTIONS FIRST AND THEN FOLLOW THEM!!!!
My blocks turned out pretty good!!!! I am not very accurate with the fourth quarter seams yet though...making dolls I always left myself extra room and then trimmed....Next pic will be of my first HST's  done on a sewing machine!!!!   Cool!!!!!   
I have been having fun and look forward to seeing where this new adventure will take me!!!!