Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Critique Please!!!!!

Hi!!!! Hope everyone is doing well!!!  Has everyone had that strange cold that is going around?!!!!  And does it ever go away?!!!!  Above is a block I made, actually the second I made for The Bloggers Block of the Month over at Peach Patch Quilts!!!!  It is called fun in the middle and my fun is kittie kats!!!! Love them!!!  I did not cut it right the first time and one fourth inch is a mile in quilting isn't it?!!!!  I thought I did much better on this one!!!!  I am getting better at my fourth inch seams when I have it cut the right size!!!!  The second month block is up-churn dash!!!!  Don't you want to come have fun too?!!!  Come on over!!!  Come on over!!!  Follow the Peach Patch Quilt button to the right!!!!  Have some fun!!!!

hugs Carla


Wendy said...

Hey Carla ... your block is cute, though I couldn't see your quarter inch quilting.... was I supposed too?? As for the cold, I can finally say after three weeks I think I've shaken it ... It took me down hard! I got a touch of the stomach bug with it too, so I wish you well quickly!

Betsy said...

adorable block.