Monday, October 8, 2012

Ok!!! Not bad!!!! Right?!!!!

Hi!!!   Well here is a start!!!  Cute cat fabric!!!  No pattern!!!  Just me giving it a good old fashioned Carla Try!!!!  There is a boo boo on the back though!!!  I sewed the grey piece on with the back seams going the wrong way!!!  I haven't got the seam ripper out yet!!!  Not sure what it will be!  But I have more fabric so!!! It will be something bigger eventually!!!!   I just started cutting and sewing not knowing where I was going!!! Afterwards I realized if it had been planned I could have done less cutting and sewing had I used some strips here and there!!!!  I usually do learn the hard way!!!!!  Good news though my grand daughter picked it up and said aw kitty kats!!!!  So it will be loved!!!! 

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SympleTymes Cloth Art By Sherrie Nordgren said...

Hi Carla,I wanted to Thank You for stopping by my blog, and your sweet comment, Sorry about the verification thingy, I some times have to do 3-4 times before I can get them right,They are hard to read..I took it off, But if I get undesirables again I will have to put it back..I LOVE your quilt block,I have been so badly to try this, but have to stay on craft show,But afterwards I am going to try a rug mug Thanks again Hugzs Sherrie

Sue Daurio said...

Yep the kitty cat fabric is just adorable. Brave lady to just cut and sew, I've always wanted to but something always stops me. Maybe this is what I need for inspiration :)

Cindi Myers said...

aww kitty kats! I agree!

MaryMaryQuiteContrary said...

Very sweet, Carla. I like your brave style of creating goodies!! WTG! Hugs,