Sunday, August 24, 2014

Winner!!!!! CHICKEN RUN!!!!!!

The winner was!!!!  Celery Leaf will be going on a long journey!!!!  She will have friends when she gets there!!!!  Sorry it has taken me so long to get this announced!!!!

 I will draw the winning name on September 1st!!!!
Have you heard about the chicken run?!!!! Oh sew fun!!!!  Avis at Oh Sew Tempting started The Chicken Run and Chickens have been flying around the world!!!!  Be sure to visit Avis at her blog above!!!!  My Little Chick Lucky flew all the way from Delaware USA!!!!!  When she got here she said her wings were so tired and she took a little nap right away!!!  She told me her name was Lucky now....because she had to fly over soooo many Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants that she was just sure she would never make it to my house and then when she got here there was a Black Cat Crossing the street in front of my house...she said she started to just turn around and go the other way...but poor Lucky was just too tired from her trip!!!!  Mary at Stitching Grandma sent Lucky to me I had been trying to get a little chick to come here to Kentucky but I think they were a little worried until Mary sent me Lucky!!!!  Thanks Mary!!!!  Visit Mary at the link above to enjoy her fun blog!!!  Here is a pic of Sweet Little Lucky!!!!

She is so pretty!!!!  To win all you have to do is agree to make one chicken to give away and send on around the world!!!!  There are lots of tutorials and a couple of youtube videos of how to make them!!!!  Oh Sew Tempting has a chicken gallery of all the little chicks that have been migrating!!!!!  Too win pic which chick you would like to win and tell us what you would name him or her and where the chickie would be off to!!!!  

Here are two that I made!!!!  I started with the little baby chick and then The Autumn Chick!!!!  And then I made Wild Child Chick!!!!

This Wild Child Chick has a little attitude and has been causing some disturbance around here!!!!  Choose this one at your own risk!!!!  Will be glad to ship wherever you are!!!!!   Wonder what was up with that Black Cat that was crossing the street when Little Lucky got here!!!!!!  Check out the Black Cat Crossing button at the top of the page!!!!  A few more pics for your choosing!!!!!



Anonymous said...

Hi Carla, so glad you agreed to take part. This is so much fun! Avis x

Carol S. said...

It's amazing how different all the chickens cute!

The Rusty Thimble said...

Carla you won a prize on my blog hop giveaway this morning


Anonymous said...

Hello Carla, was there nobody else to welcome "Carrot-Leaf"... I would! If she wants to fly to Essen, a town in an old coalminors aria but now the "Green-Lung" in the area around the river Ruhr. Big Martha (a chicken I made a time ago) is waiting for a friend.

Anonymous said...

Carla - I hope you are having fun with your chicken run and love that you made some playmates for Little Lucky. Who ever you choose, will be sure to have fun with the chicken run!! Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Hello Carla!!!! Thank you very much for giving "Carrot-Leaf" to me... so the next leg of the chicken run can start as soon as your little chicken travelled the long way from Kentucky to Essen, Germany!
Me and Big Martha are already waiting!
Thank you, Annett

Anonymous said...

Hello Carla, I sent you my adress via email last week and again today morning... if you didn't receive it now please tell my a current email adress.

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