Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Deer Watching!!!!!

Do you have some coffee or drink of your choice!!!!!!!
I will show you some pics of the deer I saw playing out
back over the weekend!!!!!! It was a momma and a baby
deer and they were eating and playing around!!!!!!
Never had really thought about it, but watching them that
day the baby deer was just bucking and playing around and
getting out of his momma's eyesight and she would raise up
her head and wiggle her ears like she was letting him know
to get back over by her and he would jump around and go
back to her and then run off again!!!!!! Well having an almost
two year old grandson I thought that baby deer acts like he
is going throught his T errible Two's !!!!!!!! hee hee
It was so cute and relaxing watching them and they knew I was
there they kept looking making sure I wasn't any closer I guess...
But didn't seem to mind my watching them...... Enjoy your drink
and take a look at the pics!!!!!!! Youall come back!!!!!!!!

1 comment:

Kim said...

Great pics, I hope they stay safe and healthy. Kim