Monday, July 27, 2009

Wow I Have Followers!!!!!! Yaa!!!!!

Wow!!!!!! Until recently I didn't even know how to be a follower on blogs, so I just went and checked in often!!!!!! I am so computer Illiterate and maybe I also sound illiterate sometimes and sometimes I can't spell or get my words in the wrong order..... that is just me!!!!!
I am in some yahoo groups and I love it!!!! Oh they are all doll groups.... only one I am very involved in right now and it is International Prim Dollmakers and Pincuchion Group!!!!
I get a lot of information on dollmaking from Friends of Cloth Dolls!!!!!! There are so many wonderful dollmakers their and they are always sharing info!!!!!! I love it!!!! One thing I had never expected is how close you can get to people who you mostly just know over the internet,
This is something I am very happy about!!!!! Get all kinds of help, info and advice!!!!! It is
wonderful!!!!! I miss people when they don't check in for awhile and worry about them, is there
a bad storm near someone in one of my groups and I hope group members families are doing well!!!!! It is like a big extended family!!!!! Well I will be here checking in and out as life permits!!! I will be telling long stories like this one and showing you stuff that I make and showing you stuff other people have made too!!!!!! I always want to see everything everyone makes and I really love most everything people make!!!!! I think I have a great appreciation
of everyones creative results.... May not be the way I would have made it, but I love the spirit they had put into their art!!!!!! I believe when you put your heart and soul into something, if you are creating what you are passionate about it is ART!!!!!!!! It is late but I did get some pics of some recent goodies and I will get them downloaded and present them soon!!!!! Huggies carla


MaryMaryQuiteContrary said...

ROFLMAO!!! Carla you are hilarious gf! I'm really lovin' your blog! ;-)
Mary Jo

carla said...

Thanks Mary Jo!!!!! I love yours too!!!!!

Kim said...

You are getting pretty darn computer literate. For me it's hit or miss. I just keep trying but don't really know what I am doing LOL. I have all these pics on my freeweb site and no idea how to remove any so keep praying I don't get a full message. Kim

carla said...

Thanks Kim but it is a hit or miss for me too!!!!
If I don't like something I just try again!!!!!
Hugs carla