Monday, July 27, 2009

Kim at Vanilla Bean Heirloom Cloth Dolls

Hi Everyone!!!! Just wanted to show youall a beautiful doll that was made by a friend of mine!!!!

This is Violet Elizabeth Belle!!!!! Isn't she lovely!!!!!! Or if you know me some- Ain't she lovely!!!!

I have two of Kims dolls and they are just adorable I will be sharing pics of them here soon, also!!!! Violet is on ebay under ooak dolls...... Take a peek if you have time!!!!! Kim recently won several awards for her dollmaking in the baby doll contest!!!!!! I have been very excited for her..... Huggies carla


Unknown said...

Hi Carla : ) I came to check up on you and see my dolly awwwww. She should have arrived to her new mom in Va. today. YOu are doing great with your blog! Kim

Kim said...

Okay, I am trying to sign back in under my name. I was signed in under my son remshred LOL! Remmy is his nickname (last name Remillard) and he is a guitar shredder : ) haahaa Kim