Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cats by Ryan

Hi Everyone!!!!! Hope eveyone is having a great day!!!!! Adding some pics of cats my son Ryan did for me on a piece of carpet, I had bought the shower curtain and then didn't have anything to go with it!!!! I bought a little carpet piece and asked Ryan if he would do a cat on it for me to kinda match the shower curtain!!!!! I love it and now I kinda hate to put it on the floor!!!!!! There is a little pic of flowers from my patio and The Grand Introduction of Jager to My Blog!!!!
Jager is my first and so far only Grandbaby and he is wonderful!!!!!!! I need one of those t shirts that says if I had known how much fun grandchildren where I would have had them first!!!!! Hee hee!!!!!!! Sh!!!!! Don't tell the kids!!!!!


MaryMaryQuiteContrary said...

Totally sweet, Carla! What a darling. You should start a portfolio or scrapbook or something. Love those flowers, too!! And the puppy and horse and kitties! And... Very whimsical!
Mary Jo

carla said...

Thanks Mary Jo!!!!!