Thursday, August 6, 2009

Double Vision!!!!

Do you see two of the same pic too?!!!! Hmmm not had enough coffee yet!!!!! Well just wanted to show off my two newest dolls!!!! Well the little one was actually a first attempt that didn't work out well, she got burned up in the oven, now the smell is gone she decided she wanted to get dressed and then no one would know of the trauma she had been through and she has quite a little tude on her!!!!! Orange Annie was shipped out for a swap partner who wanted a huggable dolly!!!! I hope she is huggable!!!!!! What do you think!!!!? Cute little personality in her I hope!!!! I like to play around with the pics on photobucket and do the painting and cartoon and old fashioned photos with my doll photos!!!! It is fun and you get a new way of looking at them!!!!!! What are you all up too?!!!!!! carla


MaryMaryQuiteContrary said...

They are such pretty dollies! I'm sure your swap partner, whoever she may be, will simply love her!
I'm currently working on a little witch doll and have plans for many more Halloween and Fall things. We'll have to see if I get them all done! lmao!!
Mary Jo

carla said...

OOO!!!!! I want to see the witch doll, Mary Jo!!!