Thursday, August 27, 2009


Hello!!!! Hello!!!! Ok I am the only one here!!!!! Any body coming to look at what I am up to?
Ok not all that much I love to make stuff but TIME is a problem and sometimes so is MOTIVATION
OK I have to stay as motivated as possible and never ever give up!!!!!!!
This is a fairy doll I made and she has been turned into a painting in photo
bucket!!!! Kool!!!! Huh!!!!!!  She was already bright!!!! But WOW!!!!


Kim said...

Cute Carla! I am hoping to get to work soon! Gotta get motivated. Kim

Kim said...

Oh cute slide show. love that purple haired doll. Kitty in black and pink, so many new things : ) You go hubby! Cool stuff.


carla said...

HI KIm!!!!!
thanks so much!!!!! I can't wait to see your next baby!!!!