Monday, July 27, 2009

Wow I Have Followers!!!!!! Yaa!!!!!

Wow!!!!!! Until recently I didn't even know how to be a follower on blogs, so I just went and checked in often!!!!!! I am so computer Illiterate and maybe I also sound illiterate sometimes and sometimes I can't spell or get my words in the wrong order..... that is just me!!!!!
I am in some yahoo groups and I love it!!!! Oh they are all doll groups.... only one I am very involved in right now and it is International Prim Dollmakers and Pincuchion Group!!!!
I get a lot of information on dollmaking from Friends of Cloth Dolls!!!!!! There are so many wonderful dollmakers their and they are always sharing info!!!!!! I love it!!!! One thing I had never expected is how close you can get to people who you mostly just know over the internet,
This is something I am very happy about!!!!! Get all kinds of help, info and advice!!!!! It is
wonderful!!!!! I miss people when they don't check in for awhile and worry about them, is there
a bad storm near someone in one of my groups and I hope group members families are doing well!!!!! It is like a big extended family!!!!! Well I will be here checking in and out as life permits!!! I will be telling long stories like this one and showing you stuff that I make and showing you stuff other people have made too!!!!!! I always want to see everything everyone makes and I really love most everything people make!!!!! I think I have a great appreciation
of everyones creative results.... May not be the way I would have made it, but I love the spirit they had put into their art!!!!!! I believe when you put your heart and soul into something, if you are creating what you are passionate about it is ART!!!!!!!! It is late but I did get some pics of some recent goodies and I will get them downloaded and present them soon!!!!! Huggies carla

Kim at Vanilla Bean Heirloom Cloth Dolls

Hi Everyone!!!! Just wanted to show youall a beautiful doll that was made by a friend of mine!!!!

This is Violet Elizabeth Belle!!!!! Isn't she lovely!!!!!! Or if you know me some- Ain't she lovely!!!!

I have two of Kims dolls and they are just adorable I will be sharing pics of them here soon, also!!!! Violet is on ebay under ooak dolls...... Take a peek if you have time!!!!! Kim recently won several awards for her dollmaking in the baby doll contest!!!!!! I have been very excited for her..... Huggies carla

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sorry Still Learning

Well I didn't mean for the pics to be at the top!!!!!!
and I didn't mean to have so much space in between line

Deer Watching!!!!!

Do you have some coffee or drink of your choice!!!!!!!
I will show you some pics of the deer I saw playing out
back over the weekend!!!!!! It was a momma and a baby
deer and they were eating and playing around!!!!!!
Never had really thought about it, but watching them that
day the baby deer was just bucking and playing around and
getting out of his momma's eyesight and she would raise up
her head and wiggle her ears like she was letting him know
to get back over by her and he would jump around and go
back to her and then run off again!!!!!! Well having an almost
two year old grandson I thought that baby deer acts like he
is going throught his T errible Two's !!!!!!!! hee hee
It was so cute and relaxing watching them and they knew I was
there they kept looking making sure I wasn't any closer I guess...
But didn't seem to mind my watching them...... Enjoy your drink
and take a look at the pics!!!!!!! Youall come back!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Take a look around, my first blog!!!! Wow!!!!!! Not much going on yet!!!!!

But don't leave unless you are smiling!!!!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Today I am just starting out!!!!!!

There is never a better time to start out, than right now!!!!!! And that is what I am doing!!!!!!

Things will be rough for awhile, and I am looking forward to new adventures!!!!! I am a doll

maker!!!!! I love dolls!!!!!! I have recently started making prim dolls and cute dolls!!!! Kind of

more whimsical I suppose!!!!!! Other than that my whole life is being turned upside down!!!!!!