Sunday, February 21, 2010

Last post till Saturday Morning!!!!!!!

Ok well!!!!!! You all know I love dolls!!!!! I also love just about all arts and crafts too!!!!!  I love colors and shape and textures!!!!!!  I love it all!!!!  So I played around with a pic of a few dolls that have been waiting around for a couple of weeks.... lets see I was working on five different dolls!!!! Had them sewed up and waiting to see what they where going to wear and what their faces would look like and what color their hair would be and until they let me know there they sit!!!!!  One is a Sweet Meadows Farm pattern and should wind up being a rag doll boy, one is a pattern by Jess of Little Dirt Lane!!!  And the last one is an original by Dancing Moon!!!!  She is almost done now she has her face and clothing but just needs a little somthing on her little head!!!! She just has not decided what quite yet, she is contrary!!!!! She is for a one to one swap so she is in disquise!!!!!  Hee hee  This will be my last post until Saturday Morning really early!!!!!! I am particapating in Madame Samms No Peeking Challenge!!!!!  Check my side bar for info into the fun and a give a way  OOAK Doll!!!! Hugs Carla
Dancing Moon is my Cherokee given name!!!!!  My grandmother was Cherokee and my grandfather was Irish/Cherokee!!!!!  They say that makes a wild fire!!!!  hee hee!!  I guess it does!!!! I belong to the Shawnee Piqua Sept at this time because they accept certain tribes as their own and they are federally recognized!!!!  The Cherokee are working to try to have a federally recognized tribe also!!!!!  I belong to a local chapter called Acorn and I am considered to be in the panther clan....  anyway a little about me and my blog name!!!! 

Another Gourd Doll

Another Gourd doll!!!!!!  Well  a gourd decoupaged wtih a doll face and clothes from a doll sales add, and limbs are paper clay!!!!!  She won a few blue ribbons round here in Ky!!!!!!  Had put her up and forgot about her till we got started moving!!!!!   hugs carla

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Come and see what I did now!!!!!!

Hee hee!!!!!  What do you think of this one!!!!! She was for a swap in the prim group I am in!!!!! All Things Primitive!!!!! You can see the button on the right hand side of my blog!!!!!!  Not that I have done many swaps but this was the most fun I have ever had in one!!!!!!  It was called The Initially Yours Swap and what you had to do was take your partners initials and use to come up with your idea!!!!!! Well her initials were AJ  so I did An Angelic Angelfish with a Jolly Jellyfish and she made me a Crazy Carnival Cat with her pet Bald Bird!!!!!   Too cute!!!!   There were only size rules for mailing purposes but you were pretty much given freedom for all things go!!!!! Oh!!!! 
 You couldn't tell what you were making and they could not tell you what they wanted and there was no peeking till it arrived to your partner!!!!!  It was so much fun!!!!!  Pics of mine from Aimee J will be below!!!!!!!   Too cute!!!!!

Lookie!!!!!! I won a cutie!!!!!!

I won this from Kim of old bag designs blog!!!!!!!  Yaa!!!! Yaa!!!!!  She is very sweet!!!  Kim sells dollies on ebay too!!!!! Be sure to check her out!!!!!!  Now her blog comes with a warning!!!!!!  Do not be scared!!!! It is very safe there!!!! hee hee
I guess maybe confessions of an old bag sends out the warnings!!!!!  A couple of pics of cuties she has on ebay will follow!!!!!!! Huggies to you all and thanks for not forgeting me while I was gone!!!!!!! 

Friday, February 19, 2010

I am back!!!!! Wow!!!!

I am BACK!!!!! Just got here on line again!!!!! Wow!!!!! I am in withdraws from the internet and I can not wait to see all the dollies I have been missing!!!!! It will take wild horses to drag me away NOW!!!!!!! I am hoping everyone and everything has been ok while I have been gone!!!!!!!  I am still in the process of moving but finally was able to get the wiring in here!!!!!!  I know I have been missing so much!!!!!!  Will take me awhile to catch up!!!!!   yaaa hoo!!!!!!!  hugs carla

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Miss you all!!!!! I will be back soon!!!

HI!!!!!  I am temporarily without internet service and I may be crazier than I was before!!!!! No internet service for several days can do a lot to you!!!!!!  I am in the process of moving and will have service soon!!!! Don't forget me!!!! I will be back!!!!!  hugs carla

Monday, February 1, 2010

Gourd and Gourd/Cloth dolls!!!!!

Here is a couple of gourd dolls I made awhile back!!!! The top one is made of all gourds!!!!  The second doll is gourd cloth mix!!!! The bottom part is a warty gourd and when I saw it I knew it had to be a mermaid!!!!!! Gourds make wonderful canvases!!!! For several years I concentrated on gourd dolls!!!!!  Back then I did everything by hand and then slowly I have come back to making cloth dolls, which I did for awhile way back in time.... I am slowly learning to use the sewing machine, as I had never used one......hee hee!!!!!!!  Well my hands were getting tired!!!!! hugs carla