Wednesday, February 25, 2015

My first Waldorf doll!!!!

Hi!!!! Hope everyone is doing well!!!!! Not too cold or too hot!!!!!  Would be nice if we could pick the temp we wanted and Oh Sunshine would be nice!!!!!  We actually have had a little sunshine here and there!!!!! But I'd take more!!!!!  Remember my last post about the free Waldorf Doll Tutorial?!!!!  Well, I did get one made and I did fairly well with it!!!!  It had very easy directions and a youtube video!!!!!  So I really had fun with it!!!! I didn't have the exact materials and such but improv works with dolls too!!!!!   Ha!!!!  Let me give you the link up again!!!!   Inge at Free Waldorf Doll Pattern and Tutorial!!!!!  Hope you have some fun and a wonderful week!!!!!!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Improv and CCCold!!!!!!

Hi!!!!! How cold is it where you are?   You don't have to say you like my quilt but how cold is it and where are you?  If you are someplace warm I would love to hear about it!!!!!  We hit record lows last night!!!!! BBBRRR!!!!!  This was clue 3 from Moira @The Quilted Snail!!!!  My sister let me know she did not like the brown rectangles I added but it is the same brown that is in my focus fabric so maybe in the end it will work out...if not then I go to plan B!!!! To be decided at the end of the quilt along!!!!!  I also have a link to a really cute freeby by a very sweet lady who would like for everyone to see it!!!!  Cute Waldorf doll pattern!!!!! She (Inge) also has the tutorial and explains it very well!!!!!  Even I could make it!!!!  I plan on making one asap!!!! Hope you are staying warm and having some fun!!!!! I will be linking up to the buttons on my side bar!!!!  Hugs to all!!!!!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Mystery?!!!! Mysteries are one of my favorite things!!!!!

Hi!!!! I know!!!!  I have been missing!!!!  Hope everyone is doing great and having some fun!!!! Being creative?!!! Hope you are!!!!  I am trying to jump back in...being creative that is!!!!  I also did make a doll but that was in December...I will show her later....Do you like my creation above?!!!!  A place to jump back in and I am having fun with it!!!!!  Check out the mystery over at The Quilted Snail!!!!!  Moira is giving us clues but does not show what she is doing until we have done our clues!!!!! Ha!!!!  Of course I messed up right off the bat...I am famous for not following instructions correctly!!!!  But!!! But I decided to carry on and do what ever improv was necessary and to take advantage of a new design element!!!!  Did that sound creative?!!!!  Moira has given clue 3  and I will be working on that soon!!!! You are not to late to jump in and have fun with us!!!! Come on over!!!!  Also I know Claire over at KnitNKwilt is ready to start on clue number 3 also!!!!  She followed the instructions!!!!!  Have some fun today and all weekend!!!!!   hugs