Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Love this!!! Come dance over here with me!!!

This is one of my favorite places to go for fun!!!
Talk about cute and whimsical art!!!! I love these!!!
But Cindi does a lot of fun blogging also!!!  You never know just what she will come up with but you know it will be something fun!!!  She is an animal lover and that is just the beginning of her creativeness!!! Go take a visit!!!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

It's A Saturday!!! Share Day!!! On Sunday!!!

Hi Everyone!!!  I have been dancing!!!! (dancing as in the song I hope you dance)  You know living out loud and having fun,finding my bliss!!!  Dream, Dare, Dance!!!!  It has been fun!!!!!  I am linking up with It's A Saturday Share Day!!!  Over at Thearica's Blog! Pigtales and Quilts!!! You know with a name like that, it has to be fun!!! Remember having pigtails?!!! Those were the good ole days!!! Right?!!! Go over and link your blog up!!!  This will be such a fun way to meet other bloggers and have some great fun together!!! I am already making new friends!!!!  Come DANCE over!!Here!! is the link http://www.pigtalesandquilts.com/  My upper blocks here  are the SkillBuilder  BOM's from Pile O'Fabric!!!  Here http://www.pileofabric.com/post/2012/12/28/skill-builder-block-of-the-month  Keep reading please!! There is more!!!!

Then these are Bloggers Block of the month!!!!  http://thepeachpatch.blogspot.com/  This little robot guy! Cute!!!! And not too bad!!!!  He is for my gs Jager!! I am also new to using a sewing machine, I always hand stitched my dolls so I am glad to learn to quilt!!!  Lots of fun in blogland!!! Kinda like wonderland!!! Ok new word  hee hee Qwonderland!!! hm!! Ok well not real bad!!!  Keep going there is more!!!!

If you love stitcheries and other creative art you have to visit Shirley!!!  She has so much fun on her blog!!!! I always love her items and her daughter has wonderful art photography too!!! Lots of talent and artistic creations!!!  Visit here!  http://hudsonsholidays.blogspot.com/

little cat is 1st aplique attempt!!!


Saturday, January 26, 2013

Come along and DANCE with me!!!!!

There is some thing new and fun!!! Just link up and share!!!! You can blog about your art!!  You cooking!!    Your Kids or GRANDS!!!  This will take you to Thearica's Blog Pigtales and Quilts!!! She makes wonderful quilts and beautiful crazy quilts!!!  She set this up so everyone can get in and share their fun with others!!! I look forward to seeing you over there too!!!! Come along and dance over here!!!  I will be posting about that pic above a little later in the weekend!!!!  Can you believe I made that?!!! Hee hee!!!   Hugs to all!!!


Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Hi!!! Do you love Dresdens?!!!!
There will be lots of beautiful Dresdens!!! So come and join in on the fun!!!  

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Hurry!!!! Last Day!!!!

Hi Everyone!!! Today is the last day on the In Your Words blog hop!!!!!  Check previous post or to the right for all the info!!! Remember to really check out these blogs for lots of wonderful fun!!!!  There are lots of great tutorials and other ideas!!!!  I feel so lucky to hop along on these hops!!!  I get to visit around the whole world!!!!!

Monday, January 14, 2013

In You Words!!!! Only two more days!!!!!



HI!!! Playing with size?!!!!  Hope everyone is having fun and hope you take a look at the next two days of fun!!!!!

Tuesday, January 15
BQuiltin Studio  (Beverly K.)
Hill Valley Quilter (Britt-Inger)
Bumbleberry Stitches  (Theresa K.)
Buzzing and Bumbling  (Linda W.)
In Stitches and Seams  (Annette S.)
Englating  (Marica from Sweden)
Stitchin by the Lake  (Marlene B.)
Selina Quilts  (Selina)
Sheila's Quilt World (Sheila M.)
Words & Stitches (Beth S.)
Wednesday, January 16
Quiltin' Jenny  (Jenny)
Dachsies With Moxie  (Agnes B.)
Sew Many Yarns (Lyndsey M.)
Christa Quilts (Christa W.)


Sunday, January 13, 2013

IN YOUR WORDS!!!! What is your word of the year?!!

Just 3 more days of fun in the In Your WORDS!!!! Blog Hop!!!!  More info in my right sidebar!!!  Also go visit Madame Samm at   http://www.sewwequilt.com/

She has more fun hops

already lining up!!!

Monday, January 14



PhotobucketHope everyone is having a great weekend!!! It is sixty degrees here but really rainy!!!! Tomorrow thirty five degrees?  Would rather have the rain!!!!  Thank You to everyone for caring about this little boy!!!  He did exceed his goal for the world record!!! Yaa!!!  But maybe sending more cards or letters would help keep his spirit lifted  while he is dealing with all of this!!!  Probably would help his parents and family also to know how many people care  for him!!!  Thank You

Friday, January 11, 2013

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

In Your Words!!! Come DANCE with us!!!!

Hi Everyone!!! Hope you are enjoying the In Your Words blog hop!!!  Madame Samm at Sew We Quilt and Linda at Buzzing and Bumbling are the Hostesses  for all this fun!!!!  This hop was to use our words and did not have to be quilted!!!!  I actually messed up a bag I was doing and then just did a no sew...easy project!!!!   I had some fabric I just loved and this was perfect for this project!!!!  I cut out the letters and used liquid stitch an iron on instant glue bond!!!! It worked well!!! Put it in a hoop and wa la!!!!  I took some time to pick my word or words...Dream Dare Dance...kinda like live laugh love  with the main word being love...so I thought I have been dreaming and daring for a long time so now it is time for me to DANCE!!!!  My definition for dance is to do and be and dream and laugh and love and enjoy life at the very highest of possibilities!!!  I hope you all DANCE too!!!  Please be sure to check out all the other fun blogs up today!!!  If you have  not yet but would like to join in you will sooo have so much fun!!!!  Come DANCE with us!!!!

Wednesday, January 9
Kathy's Quilts (Kathy W.)
Sunshine Quilting (Martina S.)
Doodling in My Mind (Darla R.)
Grammie Q's (Charlotte M.)
Dancing Moon (Carla B.)
(Betty V.)  at “that other blog”
The Fuzzy Hat Quilter (Laura Ann)

Monday, January 7, 2013

Buzzing and Bumbling!!!

Hi!!! Here is the first three days in the In Your Words blog hop!!!  Come and see what words will be motivating other bloggers this year!!!  2013!!!  My day on the hop is wednesday!!!  Can you guess my word!!  I have recently given a little hint!!!

Here is the full schedule for the In Your Words Blog Hop! Be sure to visit each one and leave your comments. There will be prizes as well as a lot of inspiration!

Monday, January 7
Kwilty Pleasures  (Kathy G.)
Debby Kratovil Quilts (Debby K.))
Sew Darn Quilt  (Carolyn R.)
Traveling Quilter  (Debbie A.)
Just Let Me Quilt (Carol S.)
Vroomans Quilts (Sharon V.)
Cate's Linens (Catherine R.)
Nini and the Sea  (Denise)
Sew Much 2 Luv (Karen)
Tuesday, January 8
Piece Peace (Patricia G.) 
A Stitch in Time (Patty D.)
krislovesfabric (Kris T.)
Grandmamas Stories (Jane H.)
Till We Quilt Again (Helen E.)
The Slow Quilter (Felicia F.)
Wednesday, January 9
Kathy's Quilts (Kathy W.)
Sunshine Quilting (Martina S.)
Doodling in My Mind (Darla R.)
Grammie Q's (Charlotte M.)
Dancing Moon (Carla B.)
(Betty V.)  at “that other blog”
The Fuzzy Hat Quilter (Laura Ann)

hugs carla

Friday, January 4, 2013

In Your Words!!!! Fun!!! Fun!!! Fun!!!

Hello!! Are you all ready for more fun?!!!!  This next week promises to bring lots of fun!! tutorials! and giveaways!!  I will be here with my creative art on wed the ninth of jan 2013!!! Does anyone else have trouble when it comes to writing the new year?!!!  It always has taken me awhile to adjust but not as much as the time changes!!!!  What is your word or words of the year!!!  And Why!!!  Come visit us!!!!!