Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Couple of Pics!!!!!

Decided I would show  the turkey I fixed up for Thanksgiving and tell everyone I hope they have a Great Thanksgiving!!!!!! Now let me know what you think of my little turkey gourd!!!!! Does he look like Jager could have made him?!!!!!!  He didn't!!!!! It was me!!!!!  But the day I was going to make a turkey well I just could not sit down and sew one up so then I saw this little gourd looking at me and well that was it!!!!!! Hugs to All!!!

I did it!!!!!!

Hee hee!!!!! I did it!!!! I changed my background only took me a week and I also changed the banner!!!!! Sorry if you are new to my blog but as you get to know me you will understand that I am tech challenged and have problems with this stuff!!!! But I am also a very determined person with a very hard head!!!!!!  Hope you are surfing about and having some fun!!!!! Be sure to go to bottom of page for lots of dolly pics and other pages to look at some other fun items and never forget my grandbaby Jager has a video of his own on here too!!!!! Check out my little sunshine!!!!! hugs to all

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Remember the Christmas with Raggedy Ann!!!!!

Here are two old Annies I have and they are helping me make dolls!!!!! Aren't they sweet!!!!!!! The little one is before I stained her too dark!!!!!!  Now she gets to get really grungy though and she will smell wonderful!!!!!!

And here are the Annies again helping me show off a wonderful kitty I recieved from Mary Jo!!!!!!

Learning all the time!!!!! GOOD!!!!

Well a few weeks back I was coffee staining a Christmas Swag, Gingers, and I used coffee from the pot, and I noticed it turned out way more stained than I had actually intended and I wasn't sure why!!!!! Well then this past week I went to stain a small doll and once again instead of using instant coffee I used coffee from the pot!!!!! Ok way
darker than I had wanted as this was going to be for someone who preferres lightly primed items... so lesson learned took me twice to realize what was causing this and now I will not forget!!!!!! Use the instant for lighter staining!!!!! Yaa!!!!! Just goofing off for awhile today and then back to the mice!!!!!! I am hoping these mice will be just

about too funny to loose the challenge I am in!!!!!!  Adding a couple of pics of my staining attempts!!!!!! Have a wonderful day!!!!!!!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

For AmberRose Chyann on 18th Birthday!!!!!!

Here is a few pics of the doll I made for my daughter!!!!! And she liked it!!!!  I didn't go prim but purdy for her!!!!! She is my little princess always!!!!! Hope you like her!!!  I am still working on a couple of little mice and hope to finish them up soon!!!!! I am also looking forward to starting on some new projects!!!!! My mind is on overload of wonderful things I want to create!!!!!!!  Huggies to all!!!!!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Scurrying and hurrying with mice!!!!!! hee hee

Hi All!!!!!! I am currently working on the cutest little mice!!!!! We are doing them as a challenge in my prim group!!!!!! Check side bar for group info!!!!!! If you want to see the patterns just look here!!!! They are by Ginny

Monday, November 16, 2009


Just wanted to show what my friend Victoria did
with my logo on her embroidery machine!!!!! Way
cool!!!!! Isn't it!!!!  What fun one of these would be!!!
Victoria and I are in International Prim Dolls and Pincushions!!!!
You can look to the right and find our group, it is a very fun and
educational group!!!!!  Check it out!!!!! 

a little creative adventure!!!!

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Kitty Cat From Mary Jo

Look at this little cutie!!!!! Given to me by Mary Jo of

Take a look at her site for some fun!!!!!
Thanks Mary Jo!!!!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Christmas With Annie!!!!!

Hi All!!!!! Well there is a new adventure with Raggedy Ann!!!!!  I really love Raggedy Ann and without I am not sure dolls and doll making would be what it is today..... so
I like these little opportunities and have Annie involved in an adventure!!!!! Click the
Christmas With Annie button to go read about it and begin the adventure..... I had fun
with the Raggedy Ann Birthday Blog Party and I am sure Christmas with Annie will
be lots of fun too!!!!!!! Hope to see you there!!!!! huggies