Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Couple of Pics!!!!!

Decided I would show  the turkey I fixed up for Thanksgiving and tell everyone I hope they have a Great Thanksgiving!!!!!! Now let me know what you think of my little turkey gourd!!!!! Does he look like Jager could have made him?!!!!!!  He didn't!!!!! It was me!!!!!  But the day I was going to make a turkey well I just could not sit down and sew one up so then I saw this little gourd looking at me and well that was it!!!!!! Hugs to All!!!


Unknown said...

Oh Carla - love him! He is very appropriate - he looks like he has sad eyes...a turkey should never be happy the day before Thanksgiving, except at a Vegan's

Happy Thanksgiving!


carla said...

Hee hee!!!!! Thanks Jess!!!!! hugs