Monday, September 17, 2012

I won on day 3 of Dots on Dots Hop!!!!! Lookie!!!

Hi!!! Hope everyone had a great weekend!!!!  I have been following the dots on dots blog hop and I have really enjoyed it!!! And then I won 78 already sewn HST'S!!!!  Can you believe that?!!!!  And I won on day 2!!!!  Wow!!!!  There have been sew many wonderful blocks already and more to come!!!!!  Sew!!! Come and follow the hop with me!!!!!

Monday, September 10, 2012


I have made my way to all of the Dotty Blogs for the day and you will just love it!!!  Lots of wonderful blocks, tutorials and give a ways!!! WOW!!!!!  All of the blogs also have lots of other wonderful things to see and learn!!!!  Recipes and tutorials are  everywhere!!!  Go have fun!!!!  Here is another link also!!!!!


Friday, September 7, 2012

HELP!!!!! Advice Please!!!

Hi!!  Which is easier for a beginner???  Applique or Piecing?!!!!!
I am entered in this WICKED BLOG HOP and I am looking for ideas!!!
What are you doing for HALLOWEEN?!!!!!!
Go check out the link above!!! You will love it there!!!! 
Starting Monday they are having a Dot Blog Hop!!!!
You know how cute and yummy DOTS can be!!!!! 


Thursday, September 6, 2012

plcs of Jager and Emma!!!11


Hi!!! I am having trouble downloading these pics of My Grandbabies Jager and Emma!!!  Jager will be five sunday the ninth and Emma will be two Oct 22nd!!!!  I know how to download here on blogger!!!! So I hope you all like pics!!!  hugs

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New Adventures!!!! Yaa!!!!!!

Hi!!!! It is me again!!!!  Ok after my grandaughters quilt top was done I set it back so I could think about what I should do on the back as I want to piece it also!!!!  I have fabric left from the front but want to be more creative with the back which may wind up being the front most of the time!!!! Then I started on the beginners quilt along but not until week 10!!!!  Just like me to jump in late but I did do three blocks that week!!!! Well that is all I have done so far!!!! Some one ran out and bought five inch precut squares without reading directions and then didn't have the fabric to do the blocks right!!!  So I will regroup and start back on that one again later!!!!  Lesson one learned...READ ALL THE DIRECTIONS FIRST AND THEN FOLLOW THEM!!!!
My blocks turned out pretty good!!!! I am not very accurate with the fourth quarter seams yet though...making dolls I always left myself extra room and then trimmed....Next pic will be of my first HST's  done on a sewing machine!!!!   Cool!!!!!   
I have been having fun and look forward to seeing where this new adventure will take me!!!!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Does this quilt make me look SLEEPY?!!!!!

Hi Everyone!!!! I hope everyone is having a good holiday weekend!!!!  If you have been following me you have seen I am adding quilting to the things I love to do!!!!  I will always love dolls and guess what?!  dolls can always use a quilt!!!!   I love all my blogging friends and hope you will join me in my new adventures!!!!!  My adventure in quilting began back in spring when Madame Samm had her Spring Table Topper Blog Hop!!!!  I so enjoyed it and looked forward to getting to see what the next day would bring!!!! Well!!! Towards the end of the hop I could not stand it and I went and got me some fabric!!!!!!!  Decided to just jump in and I just got pre cut squares and got started!!!  I just wanted to get started and I wasn't trying for perfection!!!  You will see!!! Emma above is showing you that she likes it anyway!!!!  The top is done and has been done for awhile  and I will be doing the back soon!!!! I plan to piece it too!!!!  I will be using left over fabric from the top and maybe adding some more fun to it also!!!  Below is some WOW fabric I found at Joann's recently!!!! Wonder what I will do with them?!!!!  Hugs

Sunday, September 2, 2012

A fun win!!! Now I am WICKED HA HA!!!!!

Hi!!! I won these wonderfully made Christmas cards during the Think Christmas blog hop!!!!!  Thanks Selina!!!!!

This was a very fun quilt blog hop!!!!  You can still go see all the great blocks!!!!!  The hop was hosted here at Madame Samms
Go check it out!!!  Be sure to check out the new hops coming up and guess what ???!!!!!!  I jumped in on time to join the WICKED HOP!!!!!  There may still be more room!!!!! Come and have some WICKED fun with me!!!!!!
Join me over at Wendy's!!!!