Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Lookie Here!!!!

Hi!!! Hope everyone is doing great and having some fun!!!!  I spoke too soon about Spring being Sprung!!!! We actually got snow on Saturday Night!!!!! What is up with that!!!!!  Now the temps are waaay back down!!!! Out like a lion!!!! Now I don't mind if I am wrong about this one!!!! If it goes up to 80 degrees tomorrow I will be SOOO Happy!!!! This little guy above is made by Kim Tufts of http://vanillabeanclothdolls.blogspot.com/  Kim has him on ebay at a really low starting price!!!! Go check him out!!!!  I love Kims Cloth Dolls and they are wonderfully made with love!!!!  hugs to all

A Primitive Place Magazine!!!!

Go check out this blog and the give a way they are having!!!!  hugs

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Vernal Equinox!!!!! Spring Sprung!!!!! Yaa!!!

Spring is here!!!! Yaa Yaa Yaa!!!! It seemed to take forever to arrive this year!!!! Did you see the moon last night!!!!  It was wonderful!!!!   This little gal is named Posie!!!! She has been wishing for spring too!!!! She is hand stitched and designed by me!!!!  I just do like a paper doll cut out and go from there!!!!  Not that much too designing her!!!!  But I have another in mind I want to make up soon!!!! hugs

Monday, March 14, 2011

It has been a month!!!!!!

I won a give away from Cheryl at Mammy Stitches!!!! It was a goodie box give away and she really stocked me up...yards of beautiful fabric...an old jar of buttons, a cigar box full of lace and ribbon...thread...a purse caddy!!! So cute!!!!  Scissors and even some chocolate that me and Jager really enjoyed and Jager loves the fabric and I am going to try to make him a quilted blankie!!!!  Oh and congratulations to her on the birth of a new grandson, Cason!!!! I know she is going to enjoy him!!!!!  Cheryl makes wonderful cloth dolls!!!!!  I love the stories she gives each doll too!!!! Go check out her blog and her etsy site!!!!!!  You will be glad you did!!!!

Sorry I have been away so long!!!  Welcome to all my new followers!!!!!   I know I get visiters from all over the world and I would love for everyone to leave a comment and let me know where you are from and if you have a blog where I could visit you!!!!!  Also check out all the blogs I follow...you will have lots of fun visiting!!!!  Hope everyone has a great day!!!