Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hmmm!!!!! She is more pink than orange!!!!! Will have to fix that!!!!!  Hope everyone is having a good weekend!!!!! 

HI D!!!!!!

Just dropping in and working on my blog some!!!!! Not up to much right now!!!!!! Have some projects I need to get finished up!!!!!!  What is everyone up too?  Just drop a note!!!!!!  TO VIEW SOME OF THE BLOGS I ENJOY.... CHECK OUT MY DASHBOARD OR MY PROFILE!!!!!!!!!!  hugs carla

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Hello!!!! Hello!!!! Ok I am the only one here!!!!! Any body coming to look at what I am up to?
Ok not all that much I love to make stuff but TIME is a problem and sometimes so is MOTIVATION
OK I have to stay as motivated as possible and never ever give up!!!!!!!
This is a fairy doll I made and she has been turned into a painting in photo
bucket!!!! Kool!!!! Huh!!!!!!  She was already bright!!!! But WOW!!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Jager Jammin

Never let fear stop you from dancing on the moon!!!!!! I don't think Jager ever will!!!!!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hubbies crafts today!!!! By Willie!!!!!

Since I don't have any of my own projects ready for pics, I thought I'd show something my hubbie made recently..... He made the mask and headpiece and the star mandela and is wearing a large piece of black leather!!!!! Don't be scared!!!!!! Hee hee!!! I should mention we love Halloween!!!!! Ha ha ha!!!!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cats by Ryan

Hi Everyone!!!!! Hope eveyone is having a great day!!!!! Adding some pics of cats my son Ryan did for me on a piece of carpet, I had bought the shower curtain and then didn't have anything to go with it!!!! I bought a little carpet piece and asked Ryan if he would do a cat on it for me to kinda match the shower curtain!!!!! I love it and now I kinda hate to put it on the floor!!!!!! There is a little pic of flowers from my patio and The Grand Introduction of Jager to My Blog!!!!
Jager is my first and so far only Grandbaby and he is wonderful!!!!!!! I need one of those t shirts that says if I had known how much fun grandchildren where I would have had them first!!!!! Hee hee!!!!!!! Sh!!!!! Don't tell the kids!!!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Jeans By Ryan also!!!!!

HI Everyone!!!! Hope all is going well for everyone!!!!! I have not finished anything recently but wanted to show some of my son Ryan's art work!!!!! He used
permanant markers on this pair of jeans for his girlfriend!!!!! I think he loves her!!! Ryan is 23 yrs old and is a very sweet young man!!!!! He is quite artistic!!!
He is working on something for me, although not jeans... I don't look as good in them as I used to!!!!! Hee hee!!!!!!

Jeans By Ryan!!!!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

This is Jager in his deep water boots!!! He is so adorable and lovable!!! Here he is wanting to go out and play with dirt diggers and see if there are any mud puddles he can jump in!!!!!! And he will jump in them!!!!

This is a little frog!!!!! Not!!!! It is Jager again!!!! This is while he was putting his boots on and I just could not help myself when I took this pic!!!!!
This is the beginning of the two little dollies below!!!!! Can you tell the poor little one had been a cooking experiment?!!!!! HA!!!!! I never invite any one over for dinner for a reason!!!!!

Double Vision!!!!

Do you see two of the same pic too?!!!! Hmmm not had enough coffee yet!!!!! Well just wanted to show off my two newest dolls!!!! Well the little one was actually a first attempt that didn't work out well, she got burned up in the oven, now the smell is gone she decided she wanted to get dressed and then no one would know of the trauma she had been through and she has quite a little tude on her!!!!! Orange Annie was shipped out for a swap partner who wanted a huggable dolly!!!! I hope she is huggable!!!!!! What do you think!!!!? Cute little personality in her I hope!!!! I like to play around with the pics on photobucket and do the painting and cartoon and old fashioned photos with my doll photos!!!! It is fun and you get a new way of looking at them!!!!!! What are you all up too?!!!!!! carla


Wow!!!!!! Now I had every intention of writing something in this blog on a regular basis!!!! Hee hee!!!!! Now I have to keep up with this!!!!! I want everyone to be able to come here and have some kind of fun!!!!! All I have to do is tell you all the crazy stuff that happens to me on a day to day basis and it will make you laugh!!!!!!!!!