Sunday, March 15, 2015

Mystery Message!!!! Love and Happiness!!!!!

Hi!!!! Hope everyone is doing great and hopefully getting some wonderful weather!!!!  Having some fun!!!!!  Ok above is step 3...below is step 4!!!!  We were to add a message with words or however we wanted and then add 3 small to medium circles to adjoining blocks!!!!!  Can you read the message?!!!!!  I am going to wait a little bit before I tell!!!! I love a good mystery!!!!  Let me know if you get is your weather and what are you up too?!!!!
Ok!!!! I added a heart for love!!!!! I added two rectangles to make plus signs for And!!!!! And I added black dots to turn my strips into exclamation points for happiness!!!!!  Love and Happiness!!!!! I thought it worked out pretty good!!!!!  I am back but behind will get caught up soon!!!!!