Sunday, October 26, 2014


Hi and Welcome to The Wicked Black Cat Crossing!!!!  Thanks go out to Madame Samm at SEW WE QUILT and Wendy of Why Knot Kwilt!!!!  Here is a list of bloggers for today and the full list is in my previous post!!!!
Monday, October 27Ridge Top Quilts
Dancing Moon
Kwilt Krazy
Lydsfire Sewing
Grandmama’s Stories

I had about a million ideas for my project but was having a little trouble with the shape of a cat that I wanted to use, but then loving blogland as I do I found the most wonderful cat shapes!!!!  Hilary Florence's Nine Lives Quilt!!!!!  She gave me permission to use her idea for the cat shape!!!!  She is very sweet and an excellent quilter and artist!!!!  Thanks Hilary!!!!
I wound up with lots of sewing machine is trying to sad!!!  But all and all I had lots of fun, learned a lot of things not to do anymore...get done in time to take daylight pics!!!!  Even with all the problems....
I love it!!!!   
This is it during the daylight before all the issues!!!!!!

I call my quilting A Wiggle and A Giggle!!!!!  Well!!!!!  You gotta laugh!!!!!  It was very fun to do!!!!!  My poor cat has a screen door know crooked from being hit with the screen door!!!!!   Her name is Tricksie and she will be out sweetly scaring those who don't like black cats to cross their paths!!!!  Me!!!! I love Black Cats!!!!   Have a safe and wonderful Halloween!!!!!!   hugs 

Saturday, October 25, 2014


Hi and Welcome to The Wicked 2014 Black Cat Crossing!!!!  Here is the list of bloggers for the Black Cat Crossing!!!!!  Be sure to visit all of them and it continues this next week also!!!!!  I will be back on Monday to show you what I have been up to!!!!! Bwa ha ha!!!!!

Wednesday, October 22