Friday, June 5, 2020

Hi!!!!  Hope everyone is doing well!!!  Just looking through the good old days. I've been watching YouTube and a little on Facebook!!!  Been doing some acrylic abstract art!! Ha really abstract!!!  I miss making dolls!!!  Glad to see so many are still doing blogs!!! I wish you all good health, love, and happiness!!! 

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Mystery Message!!!! Love and Happiness!!!!!

Hi!!!! Hope everyone is doing great and hopefully getting some wonderful weather!!!!  Having some fun!!!!!  Ok above is step 3...below is step 4!!!!  We were to add a message with words or however we wanted and then add 3 small to medium circles to adjoining blocks!!!!!  Can you read the message?!!!!!  I am going to wait a little bit before I tell!!!! I love a good mystery!!!!  Let me know if you get is your weather and what are you up too?!!!!
Ok!!!! I added a heart for love!!!!! I added two rectangles to make plus signs for And!!!!! And I added black dots to turn my strips into exclamation points for happiness!!!!!  Love and Happiness!!!!! I thought it worked out pretty good!!!!!  I am back but behind will get caught up soon!!!!!  

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

My first Waldorf doll!!!!

Hi!!!! Hope everyone is doing well!!!!! Not too cold or too hot!!!!!  Would be nice if we could pick the temp we wanted and Oh Sunshine would be nice!!!!!  We actually have had a little sunshine here and there!!!!! But I'd take more!!!!!  Remember my last post about the free Waldorf Doll Tutorial?!!!!  Well, I did get one made and I did fairly well with it!!!!  It had very easy directions and a youtube video!!!!!  So I really had fun with it!!!! I didn't have the exact materials and such but improv works with dolls too!!!!!   Ha!!!!  Let me give you the link up again!!!!   Inge at Free Waldorf Doll Pattern and Tutorial!!!!!  Hope you have some fun and a wonderful week!!!!!!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Improv and CCCold!!!!!!

Hi!!!!! How cold is it where you are?   You don't have to say you like my quilt but how cold is it and where are you?  If you are someplace warm I would love to hear about it!!!!!  We hit record lows last night!!!!! BBBRRR!!!!!  This was clue 3 from Moira @The Quilted Snail!!!!  My sister let me know she did not like the brown rectangles I added but it is the same brown that is in my focus fabric so maybe in the end it will work out...if not then I go to plan B!!!! To be decided at the end of the quilt along!!!!!  I also have a link to a really cute freeby by a very sweet lady who would like for everyone to see it!!!!  Cute Waldorf doll pattern!!!!! She (Inge) also has the tutorial and explains it very well!!!!!  Even I could make it!!!!  I plan on making one asap!!!! Hope you are staying warm and having some fun!!!!! I will be linking up to the buttons on my side bar!!!!  Hugs to all!!!!!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Mystery?!!!! Mysteries are one of my favorite things!!!!!

Hi!!!! I know!!!!  I have been missing!!!!  Hope everyone is doing great and having some fun!!!! Being creative?!!! Hope you are!!!!  I am trying to jump back in...being creative that is!!!!  I also did make a doll but that was in December...I will show her later....Do you like my creation above?!!!!  A place to jump back in and I am having fun with it!!!!!  Check out the mystery over at The Quilted Snail!!!!!  Moira is giving us clues but does not show what she is doing until we have done our clues!!!!! Ha!!!!  Of course I messed up right off the bat...I am famous for not following instructions correctly!!!!  But!!! But I decided to carry on and do what ever improv was necessary and to take advantage of a new design element!!!!  Did that sound creative?!!!!  Moira has given clue 3  and I will be working on that soon!!!! You are not to late to jump in and have fun with us!!!! Come on over!!!!  Also I know Claire over at KnitNKwilt is ready to start on clue number 3 also!!!!  She followed the instructions!!!!!  Have some fun today and all weekend!!!!!   hugs


Sunday, October 26, 2014


Hi and Welcome to The Wicked Black Cat Crossing!!!!  Thanks go out to Madame Samm at SEW WE QUILT and Wendy of Why Knot Kwilt!!!!  Here is a list of bloggers for today and the full list is in my previous post!!!!
Monday, October 27Ridge Top Quilts
Dancing Moon
Kwilt Krazy
Lydsfire Sewing
Grandmama’s Stories

I had about a million ideas for my project but was having a little trouble with the shape of a cat that I wanted to use, but then loving blogland as I do I found the most wonderful cat shapes!!!!  Hilary Florence's Nine Lives Quilt!!!!!  She gave me permission to use her idea for the cat shape!!!!  She is very sweet and an excellent quilter and artist!!!!  Thanks Hilary!!!!
I wound up with lots of sewing machine is trying to sad!!!  But all and all I had lots of fun, learned a lot of things not to do anymore...get done in time to take daylight pics!!!!  Even with all the problems....
I love it!!!!   
This is it during the daylight before all the issues!!!!!!

I call my quilting A Wiggle and A Giggle!!!!!  Well!!!!!  You gotta laugh!!!!!  It was very fun to do!!!!!  My poor cat has a screen door know crooked from being hit with the screen door!!!!!   Her name is Tricksie and she will be out sweetly scaring those who don't like black cats to cross their paths!!!!  Me!!!! I love Black Cats!!!!   Have a safe and wonderful Halloween!!!!!!   hugs 

Saturday, October 25, 2014


Hi and Welcome to The Wicked 2014 Black Cat Crossing!!!!  Here is the list of bloggers for the Black Cat Crossing!!!!!  Be sure to visit all of them and it continues this next week also!!!!!  I will be back on Monday to show you what I have been up to!!!!! Bwa ha ha!!!!!

Wednesday, October 22

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Winner!!!!! CHICKEN RUN!!!!!!

The winner was!!!!  Celery Leaf will be going on a long journey!!!!  She will have friends when she gets there!!!!  Sorry it has taken me so long to get this announced!!!!

 I will draw the winning name on September 1st!!!!
Have you heard about the chicken run?!!!! Oh sew fun!!!!  Avis at Oh Sew Tempting started The Chicken Run and Chickens have been flying around the world!!!!  Be sure to visit Avis at her blog above!!!!  My Little Chick Lucky flew all the way from Delaware USA!!!!!  When she got here she said her wings were so tired and she took a little nap right away!!!  She told me her name was Lucky now....because she had to fly over soooo many Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants that she was just sure she would never make it to my house and then when she got here there was a Black Cat Crossing the street in front of my house...she said she started to just turn around and go the other way...but poor Lucky was just too tired from her trip!!!!  Mary at Stitching Grandma sent Lucky to me I had been trying to get a little chick to come here to Kentucky but I think they were a little worried until Mary sent me Lucky!!!!  Thanks Mary!!!!  Visit Mary at the link above to enjoy her fun blog!!!  Here is a pic of Sweet Little Lucky!!!!

She is so pretty!!!!  To win all you have to do is agree to make one chicken to give away and send on around the world!!!!  There are lots of tutorials and a couple of youtube videos of how to make them!!!!  Oh Sew Tempting has a chicken gallery of all the little chicks that have been migrating!!!!!  Too win pic which chick you would like to win and tell us what you would name him or her and where the chickie would be off to!!!!  

Here are two that I made!!!!  I started with the little baby chick and then The Autumn Chick!!!!  And then I made Wild Child Chick!!!!

This Wild Child Chick has a little attitude and has been causing some disturbance around here!!!!  Choose this one at your own risk!!!!  Will be glad to ship wherever you are!!!!!   Wonder what was up with that Black Cat that was crossing the street when Little Lucky got here!!!!!!  Check out the Black Cat Crossing button at the top of the page!!!!  A few more pics for your choosing!!!!!


Saturday, April 12, 2014

Bebe Babies and Sewjo Saturday!!!!


                                                                     Hi!!!!  See the tiny little bunny!!!! Isn't she adorable!!!!!   Do you know Casie of Bebe Babies!!!!  She makes the most adorable dolls!!!!  This I believe is her smallest size!!!!  Two inches counting the ears!!!!! She would be cute as a pin or on a headband or a cute little Easter wreath, which is probably where mine will be in her little egg!!!!  Casie makes dolls of different sizes and all price ranges!!!!  All of them more than worth the prices she charges!!!! Making babies this small is really a lot of work!!!!  Some are made safely for children to love!!!!  Casie has started a fan club where she will have fun give aways and specials for members!!! Too fun or what!!!!  Go here to join!!!!  Bebe Babies Fan Club!!!!!  Here for Casie's Etsy Store!!!!  Casie's Babies!!!!!  Join in on the fun!!!!!!

This little project!!!! Did I say little!!!!  Well,  it is not that little, it is a nice size!!!!  This is my Triangle Quilt Along quilt so far!!!!! Go visit Paula at Sassy Quilter!!!!  There are so many beautiful quilts to see here!!!!  Beautiful!!!!  Wonderful fabrics and designs!!!!  Sassy Quilter!!!!  I have been running behind on creating this week!!!!  But wanted to share my Sewjo Saturday with you!!!!!  Go visit Kim Go Go Kim!!!! Sewjo Saturday!!!!  Before I go I have to tell you about one more fun place to visit!!!!  Hudsons Holidays!!!!  If you love kittens!!!! You just have to check it out!!!!  But she has a wonderfully fun blog!!!! It is not only for Holidays!!!! She has everything!!!!
Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!!!!!  Hugs to All

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Triangle Quilt Along!!!!!!

Hi Everyone!!! This is an update on my Quilt for the Triangle Quilt Along!!!!! Sassy Quilter!!!!! Triangle Quilt Along   See how green the grass is getting!!!!!!!  Lovin it!!!!! It was 70 degrees today!!!!! And not one drop of rain!!!!!  It took me a long time to come up with a layout I liked for these triangles!!!!! I used fabrics I already had and I didn't have the Mod Pop colors many are using for this!!!!!  Sooooo I wanted a different layout!!!!! Now if I could quit sewing the wrong ends to the other wrong ends this might turn out pretty!!!!!!   In my dreams it works!!!!!! Ha!!!!!  I am behind on almost everything!!!!!  Correction!!!! I am behind on everything!!!!  Hope you are getting great weather and have a great day!!!!!!  hugs to all