Saturday, April 12, 2014

Bebe Babies and Sewjo Saturday!!!!


                                                                     Hi!!!!  See the tiny little bunny!!!! Isn't she adorable!!!!!   Do you know Casie of Bebe Babies!!!!  She makes the most adorable dolls!!!!  This I believe is her smallest size!!!!  Two inches counting the ears!!!!! She would be cute as a pin or on a headband or a cute little Easter wreath, which is probably where mine will be in her little egg!!!!  Casie makes dolls of different sizes and all price ranges!!!!  All of them more than worth the prices she charges!!!! Making babies this small is really a lot of work!!!!  Some are made safely for children to love!!!!  Casie has started a fan club where she will have fun give aways and specials for members!!! Too fun or what!!!!  Go here to join!!!!  Bebe Babies Fan Club!!!!!  Here for Casie's Etsy Store!!!!  Casie's Babies!!!!!  Join in on the fun!!!!!!

This little project!!!! Did I say little!!!!  Well,  it is not that little, it is a nice size!!!!  This is my Triangle Quilt Along quilt so far!!!!! Go visit Paula at Sassy Quilter!!!!  There are so many beautiful quilts to see here!!!!  Beautiful!!!!  Wonderful fabrics and designs!!!!  Sassy Quilter!!!!  I have been running behind on creating this week!!!!  But wanted to share my Sewjo Saturday with you!!!!!  Go visit Kim Go Go Kim!!!! Sewjo Saturday!!!!  Before I go I have to tell you about one more fun place to visit!!!!  Hudsons Holidays!!!!  If you love kittens!!!! You just have to check it out!!!!  But she has a wonderfully fun blog!!!! It is not only for Holidays!!!! She has everything!!!!
Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!!!!!  Hugs to All

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Triangle Quilt Along!!!!!!

Hi Everyone!!! This is an update on my Quilt for the Triangle Quilt Along!!!!! Sassy Quilter!!!!! Triangle Quilt Along   See how green the grass is getting!!!!!!!  Lovin it!!!!! It was 70 degrees today!!!!! And not one drop of rain!!!!!  It took me a long time to come up with a layout I liked for these triangles!!!!! I used fabrics I already had and I didn't have the Mod Pop colors many are using for this!!!!!  Sooooo I wanted a different layout!!!!! Now if I could quit sewing the wrong ends to the other wrong ends this might turn out pretty!!!!!!   In my dreams it works!!!!!! Ha!!!!!  I am behind on almost everything!!!!!  Correction!!!! I am behind on everything!!!!  Hope you are getting great weather and have a great day!!!!!!  hugs to all


Saturday, April 5, 2014

March New FO!!!!

Hi Everyone!!!!! Been a busy month and it is already April!!!! I know I am going to turn around and it will be Christmas!!!! I just know it!!!!  Do the years seem like they keep going faster!!!! Or is that old age?!!!!  I wish it would slow down!!!!! I am spinning!!!!!  But some fun along the way!!!!!  Well I am good at starting things!!!!!!  In March I started on a Crazy Quilt Block!!!!! I did the March block in two different Christmas Quilt Alongs!!!!!  I did make two more scarves I haven't taken picures of yet!!!!!  They are so easy and take so little time!!!!  Still only got two done!!!!  I will share pictures here and all the links are in my sidebars!!!!!  All of the Buttons I have on my side bars are to blogs where there is always some fun going on!!!!!  Believe Me!!!!!  Go look!!!!!! You will be glad you did!!!!!!!  Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and hugs to all!!!!!!!


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Triangle Quilt Along!!!!!! 204+ Triangles!!!!

That was a lot of Triangles!!!! Yes!!!!!  The bottom photo is the better of the two!!!!!!  These are for The Triangle Quilt Along at  Sassy Quilter!!!!!  Paula says that you can join in at anytime and everyone is really having FUN!!!!!  I am not sure how these will be sewn together yet!!!!!  I can see I would want to rearrange them some!!!!  I will be playing with them for awhile!!!!!  Come on and jump in!  the water is warm!!!!!
hugs to all 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

To Do Tuesday!!!!!!

Hi Everyone!!!!!! I think I have finally joined in enough projects to keep me busy for awhile!!!!!!  Maybe!!   I really like to be creative!!!!!  So if you want a To Do List for Tuesdays this is it!!!!!!
Reds Needles and Threads!!!! To Do Tuesday
Monday is always a catch up on everthing from over the weekend!!!!!  Mostly because two little people get all the attention on weekends!!!!!  So I am never ready for a Monday to do list!!!!!  So here is my hopefull list for the next week!!!!
Continue cutting 204 triangles
 for the Triangle Quilt Along!!!! Button on side bar!!!!
Start on 2 Boms of month also both are on side bar!!!!
Work on my Delightful Star blocks!!!! Guess where the button is!!!!!!
One more I have to do some stitching on my Crazy Quilt block!!!!!
Ok!!!! That will be plenty and hopefully not too much!!!!!  Come on along check out my side bars and jump in and play!!!!  Hope everyone has a wonderful week!!!!!