Thursday, December 31, 2009

Hope For The New Year and A Blue Moon Tonight!!!!!!!

Today is the last day of 2009 and I am not sad to see it go!!!!! Not at all!!!! I am full of HOPE and HOPEFUL all will get better with the coming of a NEW YEAR!!!!!!  I plan to let my SPIRIT SOAR this year!!!!!  Hope everyone will join in and be as hopeful as you possibly can!!!  You can find more hope here!!!!!!!  Madame Samm is always having fun on her blog!!!!! She makes wonderful sweet dolls and you will love them!!!!! Madame Samm is also hosting a give a way!!!!!  I would love to win her give a way doll named HOPE!!!!!  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!! KEEP THE HOPE GOING!!!!!! HUGS TO ALL!!!!!! CARLA

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Raggedy's Wrapping Up!!!!!

Good Morning!!!!! Hope today finds you well and Ready for a New Year!!!!!  A new year always brings new hope!!!!!!  Sometimes Hope is all we have!!!!! And we have to keep it!!!!!! Some pics of Raggedy's trying to help out wrapping Christmas gifts!!!!!

Well they got all tuckered out and finally fell asleep all wrapped up in Spongebob!!!!!  hee hee!!!!!!

Hugs Carla

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Twas Almost the Night Before Christmas!!!!!!!!

Too close for comfort now!!!!! Oh no!!!!! Everything is not done!!!!!  It is getting closer and closer!!!!!  I have some goodies to show I am saving for Christmas Eve!!!  So make sure to come for another visit!!!!!  hugs

A few little Annies have been helping out around here lately!!!! Maybe they know Santa has been checking his list!!!! HEE HEE!!!!                                                                   

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Good Morning Sunday!!!!!

Well here in Ky we got a slight dusting of !!!!! SNOW!!!!!!  Almost Christmas!!!!!!!Everyone take a look at this fun!!! fun!!!! fun!!!! place to visit!!!!!!   Cute little dollies!!!!I love their little faces!!!!!! This is from Jess of Little Dirt Lane!!!! She is having this cute little give a way!!!!!!    So go check it out!!!!!    Click the Little Dirt Lane Button in my side panel to visit!!!!!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

oh!!!!! It is already Dec 14, 2009!!!!

Almost Christmas!!!!! Almost a New Year!!!! Time flies!!!!  I keep getting older!!!!  Ok it is time to stop now!!!!!  Would like to settle in to a nice warm hybernating slow drift for awhile now!!!!! Would be great!!!!!!

Some of you know but I have a two year old grandson Jager!!!!  Life is all about Jager hee hee!!!!!  Going to show some of his artwork today!!!!! He is already very artistic, can put beads on a string, can use scissors even if not on the best things to cut!!!! Hee hee   gotta hide those all the time!!!!!  Ta Da!!!!!!  Hope everyone has a great Monday and is able to take some time for some fun!!!!  hugs

Sunday, December 13, 2009

I have been honored with two awards!!!! Wow!!!

Jess of Little Dirt Lane has given me my first award as a blogger and she also made my days with what she had to say about me!!!!! Wow!!!!  Thanks Jess!!!!

Jess makes wonderfully adorable little dolls, that make you want to pick them up and give them a hug!!!!!  Jess also has an original dolly pattern on her site for sale!!!!! Check her out!!!!!!

The rules are as follows:

(1) Thank the person giving the awards

(2) Copy awards to your blog

(3) Place a link to their blog.

(4) Name 7 things people don't know about you.

(5) Nominate 7 bloggers

(6)Place a link to those bloggers

(7) Leave a comment on their blogs letting them know of their awards

Sew!!!!   Sew!!!   Sew!!!! Seven things you don't know about me!!!! Hee hee  Here is all the deep dark secrets!!!! Ha ha!!!! The skeletons in my closet(s) I actually have seven closets!!!! Hmmm and you really don't want to know what is in them!!!!!!

1.  Me and my sewing machine do not get along well!!!!!

2 .Me and getting poked with needles do not get along well!!!!

3. Me and the telephone ringing while I am sewing do not get along well!!!

4. Me waking up the baby while sewing do not get along well!!!!

5. You know what!!!! Me and my computer do not get along well!!!!!

6. Me and the kitten in my sewing stuff do not get along well!!!!!

7. Sounds bad doesn't it!!!!! Hee hee   By now you probably think I don't get along well with others... but!!!!! I do!!!!!  And one of my greatest blessings is all the friends that I feel so close to that I have made online, through blogs and looking at dolls!!!!!!   Online I feel like I have collected a large group of wonderful dolls!!!!!  You know!!!!  Friends!!!! Dolls!!!! You love them, you miss them when you don't hear from them for awhile!!!!!  You feel for them when they are having hard times!!!!! You are happy for them when things are going great for them!!!!!  You wish them all the best life has to offer!!!!!!!!!

Wow I love so many and their blogs this is hard to do..... Some do not have blogs and some do not accept awards.... 

Whoops!!!! I forgot to mention!!!! Me and rules do not always get along!!!!! 

My first online wonderul friend is one who has a website and on there you can find her blog!!!!!  This is Kim and she makes wonderful heirloom collectible cloth dolls!!!!!!  Her dolls make you feel like you have drifted back in time and you are lying on mawmaws big quilted bed with one of her childhood dolls cuddled up beside you!!!!  Kim is very sweet and her dolls are wonderful!!!!!!  Kim has recently started designing her own patterns and the are adorable!!!!!  Check them out when you get to her site!!!!!!!
Victoria is a wonderful friend who is sewing most all the time!!!! She is always sew busy that no moss could ever grow under her feet!!!! Youall know I am countryfied don't ya?!!!!!!  Victoria makes lots of items besides dolls also and she will keep you entertained for sure!!!!!! Victoria is wonderful and will keep you motivated too!!!!
Mary Jo!!!! Well you just have to visit Mary Jo!!!!  She makes wonderful dolls and kitties and she gives you a feeling of warmth and sunshine!!!!!!  Mary Jo is motivating and always has something sweet to say!!!!!!
Ok!!!! This is Frannie and she is a KY gurl too!!!!!  She makes very sweet prim dolllies that just cheer you up when you see them!!!!! Frannie is also an avid shopper and shows and tells about the wonderful treasures she finds on her trips!!!!  She has a new addition to the family, a little granddaughter princess!!!!!  Now I am not sure what is up with her blog right now there is not much there.  But do!!!! Look into it!!!!  Her little orphan chiles are a joy to see!!!!!!  Frannie invites everyone to her home to play with and make dolls and teddy bears and many other wunderfuls!!!  Here is another link to some of Frannies fun!!!!!
This is Val!!!!!  She has led me along the way into my world of making dolls!!!!!  Not only does she make wonderfully prim and purdy dolls she helps newbies like me!!!!  She doesn't mind how many (stupid) (not stupid) questions I ask!!!!!  She never fails to have something good to say about my creativeness no matter the mess I make!!!!!  Val is in the process of buying and selling homes and moving to her dream home farm!!!!  You can find Val and a whole group of the most wonderfully fun sweet dolly makers ever here  This group has been one of my greatest blessings!!!!  Fun challenges!!!! Great Swaps!!!!  Lot of wonderful designers!!!! Very fun group to be a member of!!!!!!

Meet Heather!!!!  She is VAL'S Moderator  at International-Prim-Dollmakers!!!!!  Heather makes and sews and makes and sews!!!! Heather can cheer you up in a heartbeat!!!!  Heather is very talented and sews sew well!!!!  Heather and I were partners in my first swap and I recieved a beautiful halloween prim dolly and her kitty!!!! Loved it then!!!!! Love it still!!!! And Heather even though she lives in the UK must be part Southern Gurl, because the cat I sent her was homely to say the least and she accepted it with great charm!!!!!!  Or maybe it was her big heart!!!!!  Very sweet!!! You must get to know her!!!! You will love her too!!!!!
This is Casie!!!!  Casie is also a wonderful babies, dolls and toy maker!!!! Casie is very sweet!!!!  She makes sure if you are a customer that you get the best service possible!!!
You just gotta see her babies!!!! Such sweet little faces and noses!!!!!  Casie is finishing school and not able to work on as many babies as she had previously but this is one blog you will want to make sure you visit!!!!!! 

Wow there are so many wonderful bloggers out there!!!!!!  Be sure to check out my sidebar also!!!!!  Jess also gave awards to a lot of blogs that I also love but they already had awards!!!!! Be sure to check out everyone she sent awards to!!!!!!  Be sure to watch my blogs for some more wonderful blogs for you to visit!!!!!  huggies to you all!!!!!  carla

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December 1st 2009!!!!!

For the first day of December it was a very nice day here where I am in Ky!!!!  I did finish up a little something something but will have to wait to show a few more days!!!!  I guess every since I was a child I make it a point to look at the moon as many nights as I possibly can!!!!!  Tonight I looked and it seemed full, but the calendar says not full until tomorrow and guess what we also have a full moon for New Years Eve, which means it will be considered a blue moon!!!! Wow!!!! And on New Years Eve!!!!  Hope it brings good things to all!!!!!  I really have to get busy working on some new things and seeing what is up with Christmas!!!!!!  hugs to all