Sunday, November 22, 2009

Learning all the time!!!!! GOOD!!!!

Well a few weeks back I was coffee staining a Christmas Swag, Gingers, and I used coffee from the pot, and I noticed it turned out way more stained than I had actually intended and I wasn't sure why!!!!! Well then this past week I went to stain a small doll and once again instead of using instant coffee I used coffee from the pot!!!!! Ok way
darker than I had wanted as this was going to be for someone who preferres lightly primed items... so lesson learned took me twice to realize what was causing this and now I will not forget!!!!!! Use the instant for lighter staining!!!!! Yaa!!!!! Just goofing off for awhile today and then back to the mice!!!!!! I am hoping these mice will be just

about too funny to loose the challenge I am in!!!!!!  Adding a couple of pics of my staining attempts!!!!!! Have a wonderful day!!!!!!!

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